1-3。9oz Glass Bottles

1-3.9oz Glass Bottles
Our small glass bottles collection offers solutions for buyers ranging from manufacturers seeking product packaging to retailers looking for décor products to offer. They are at once functional and attractive. You'll find a range of small glass bottles wholesale including apothecary containers like the 3.4 oz. Glass Apothecary Bottle—ideal for a variety of products including beauty and fragrance. The 3.4 oz bottles are also great for product samples and airport safe for your customers who travel. Alternately, the 3.7 oz. Genie bottle comes in a range of colors to suit a multitude of purposes. Our recycled petite-scale glass bottles can be used for any kind of standard or decorative packaging for a myriad of industry-specific products. Don’t see what you need? Request information about our custom glass bottle design services for a turn-key solution.
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